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Heaven AION: Rules of Conduct

Welcome to Heaven AION! The BEST private Aion server. We are in constant in development and have state of the art, and more features than any other community. We have very active Staff of Developers, Gamemasters, and Bug/Game Support Mods managed by an excellent Administrator Team. For a complete listing of our IA Staff members.

This is a compilation of rules and guidelines for several realms of Heaven Aion that players must adhere to. Please be sure to review the list in its entirety. Rules are subject to change without notice. It is your responsibility to review and comply with our rules. Failure to do so could earn you unwanted jailtime/ or loss of privileges.

In-Game Rules:

No Botting/Speedhacking/etc. - This should be common sense. It is considered botting if your character is playing the game and you're AFK. Anyone caught doing so will be jailed permanently, if not an IP ban. No questions asked. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5362&start=0
No Dual Boxing - Players found under the same IP that appear to be dual boxing or otherwise one player controlling 2 characters will be jailed permanently.
No Impersonating as Staff - Players caught doing so will be jailed permanently.
No Account Selling or Trading - Violators will be permanently jailed and or accounts suspended/banned. (this includes selling items for RMT)
No Account Sharing - Do not give out your passwords. InfiniteAion is not responisble if someone steals your account or ends up deleting your characters.
No AP Farming - Players of either side Asmodian/Elyos caught trading AP will be jailed. Continuous violation will lead to permanently jailed.
Listen to Staff Members - Do not fight with us in-game, you will most likely spend some jail time.
No Bug Abuse - If you find a bug, report it. Do not use it to gain an advantage in-game. Violators will be severly punished.
No Spamming - This should make common sense, do not spam: /say /shout /region /lfg ect.
No Camping - The entrance locations to Dark Poeta.
No "Through Wall/Ground" Attacking - We know range skills can shoot through walls, etc. This is being abused majorly by the Abyss Fortresses. Any player caught intentionally attacking people through walls will receive a temporary jail penalty.
No being in normally unaccessible areas - Being in areas that are not normally accessible, meaning going in to these areas by use of a bug, is not allowed. This falls under areas such as Teminon Landing and Primum Landing (If you're an opposite Race).
No "MAP Glitching" - If you are unable to access certain parts of area without use of a Bug or skill, violators can be and will be jailed at Trainee/GM's discretion. However, if you are able to glide/run/jump to these locations and can show staff members how,you can avoid being jailed under this rule.
No Advertising - Advertising other servers is strictly forbidden. Those caught doing so will be jailed permanently.
Unjail Requests - Do not ask other GMs or Trainees to unjail your character. If you seek an explanation or wish to challenge why you were jailed, contact the Trainee/GM who jailed you or PM TheGooginator.
No False Player Reports - If you falsely accuse a player by submitting a fraudulant post, you will be banned/jailed for a length of time at Trainee/GMs discretion.
Don't Bug GMs - We are not FAQs, Please realize we are in-game either taking care of player reports, hosting events, checking quests, known bugs, or other in-game issues. If you wish to report a bug, submit your bug findings here: viewforum.php?f=7 . Besure to use the appropriate Bug Report format. Otherwise, you are welcome to report players in-game or other issues such as if your character is stuck.
Being in Party with Speedhackers/Botters - If you are found in a party with a botter/speechacker and you haven't reported the person, then you are as guilty as the offender and will be jailed.

Forum Rules:

No Account Selling or Trading - If you're caught, your account will be banned.
Languages - We must know what everyone is saying, so you must use english or add a translation.
No spamming - Take your spamming elsewhere, it doesn't help anyone. Answering to a question without helping the player or by just being an ass will count as spamming also. Answering to a thread by just saying "Wrong section" will count as spamming. You are not helping the player nor can you move the topic to the proper section, so stop pointing out the obvious.
Search before posting - If you can't take the time to search before posting, we won't take the time to read your problem (instead we'll just delete/graveyard your thread).
Post in proper sections - Seriously, it's not that hard.
Type properly - Spiiking laik dis iz still not c00l mengz y0. Severe abuse might get you banned.
Flaming - Severe unneccessary flaming is not allowed. Behind every name is a real person.
Stay on topic - If you want to say something else, start a new thread. We have had to lock several good threads, just because some retards think it's funny to start a flame war in it.
Use accurate thread names - If you care enough to post here, you should care enough to add an accurate name for your thread.
(Examples of what you shouldn't do: "Help!, Question, What...?, How...? Problem, etc).
Advertising - Advertising other servers or trying to sell items is strictly forbidden.
Porn - We do not allow any pornographic pictures or videos on these forums, so don't post it.
Quoting - Please avoid making huge quote-pyramids. Quote only the person to whom you are answering.
Bumping - If the topic is still on the first page, do not bump it. Unneccessary bumping is not allowed.
Ban avoidance - If you got banned, but you are using a new username to post in here... your ban will be extended to a permanent ban.

(You will be punished for every offense. The punishment varies from warnings to permanent bans in every case)

IRC Rules:

Register with Forum Name - Use your forum name to register so that we know who you are.
Don't Impersonate IA Staff or IRC Operators - Violators will be banned.
Don't abuse Channel Bots - Scripts have been created to assist players when they require assistance. If you're found to abuse these commands, abusers will be banned.
Don't Abuse Operator Status - Just don't abuse it. Do not give others Operator Status. Doing so may have you removed from Operators and may lead to ban.
No Flaming/Trolling - Temporary ban from IRC.
No Recruiting - Simply put, no legion recruiting please, violators will be kicked.
English Only - If you can't speak English, at least use a translator so we know what you're saying.
Maturity Content - Please be aware that we have all kinds age groups within the community, and avoid sharing things that may offend some people.
Don't Request IRC privileges - Only those who the Administrators believe are capable of handling those powers will have privileges.
Unban Request - If you're banned by a certain Operator, then contact that Operator for an unban request.
Use Search - Explore Forum search. Most likely you can find anything that has been brought up before in IRC.

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