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Migrations Open

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1 Migrations Open on Sun Sep 12, 2010 7:06 am


Heaven Staff, trying to do a more interesting server, decide to begin with migrations.

*First Step For get Your Acc:
Send E-mail to administration@heavenaion.com

Put your Character and Server Info, add your Level, Char Class, Item Set, Server Web Page,additional Info.

*Second Step For Get your Migrations Acc:
-Wait to Staff Answer, and Take your Ticket #.
-Go To Heaven Aion web page, and make a new Acc.
-Talk to a GM In Game, Say to him your Ticket #.

-E-mail wil be answer in aprox 1-2 Hours (in normal case)
-Avalaible Levels to get a Migrated, 40-55.
-We arent Giving, Enchant Levels, ManaStones, 30kk or more Kinah,etc
-The More powerfull set you can get are Anuhart Armors and Tahabata's Weapons.

Heaven Aion Staff,

Born To Be Legends
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